Core Mechanic
Range Finding: Players pass or fail a challenge by guessing a number in a given range.
Bonuses: A bonus is applied to your margin of error in a Guess which is called your Spread.
Keywords: Keywords are special modifiers that apply their level to your range in associated Challenges.

In combat your get one action on your turn. An action is typically an Offence against an enemy or a Move into a special position.

Special Positions
Flanking – Choose one enemy. Increase your Offense by 1 against that enemy as long as another ally is Flanking it.
Cover – Double your Armour’s Range, Decreases your Offense by 1.
Pressing – Move any target into Engaged position.
Dominate – Choose one enemy. Gain your Archetype Level on your next successfull Offense against that enemy and you become Engaged. If your target moves into Dominate against your, you both become Engaged.

Combat Keywords
Offense – Increases Spread when you Guess an enemies Armour.
Defense – Reduces an attacker’s Spread equal to this number.
Armour – Determines your Challenge when your being attacked.
Weapon – Determines the number of Hits dealt on a successful Offense.

Archetypes grant a special ability, a Sequence, and a number of Hits.
Defender – Force Engaged enemies to attack you or Move into Engaged position.
Artillery – Make two attacks instead of one, can include multiple targets.
Healer – Remove all Hits from one Ally.
Support – Grant an ally a second Guess.
Slayer – Turn a successful hit into a Critical Hit.
Harrier – Slow or Poison an enemy.

Position – where you character is standing in combat.
Engaged – default combat position to interact with allies and enemies
Guess – A number you guess is the target number in a challenge.
Challenge – A range of numbers with a target number.
Range – The number of possible guesses in a challenge.
Target – The number a challenger has to guess to pass a challenge.
Pass – A successes in a challenges.
Fail – Not succeeding in a challenge.
Spread – The margin of error allowed in your Guess.
Bonus – Any increase in your spread.
Hits – Are the amount of damage you can sustain before falling unconscious.
Hit – An amount of damage dealt on a successful Offense.

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